What's a Questlog?

`Questlog is a toolkit for managing your todo lists. More than simply a place to put your tasks or yet another way to organize them, Questlog aims to help you make better decisions about how you spend your time by taking an active part in the process of managing your tasks and your time. It can help you not only to organize your lists, but tell you exactly what you ought to work on next. It can also help you by identifying tasks that maybe need a little more information to be actionable. Here are some of the tools you can use`

Focus Page

The Focus Page shows you one task at a time. Which task is displayed depends on your prioritization from other pages, such as which timeframe it has been added to, as well as priority. If you've given your tasks tags, then you can choose a tag at the top to filter to specific groupings, such as "at-home" or "at-work". You'll also find an option to "Nag me about next task". This will pop up a browser notification every so often to remind you of your next task. With so many other notifications trying to pull you away from what you're supposed to be doing, why not have one trying to pull you back?

Task List Page

Your Task List is where you can organize your tasks. You can assign priorities, delete, mark tasks completed, and drag and drop to re-order them. You can also click on a tasks's title in order to edit it. If you've broken a task down into sub-tasks you can use the filters at the top to see only "ROOT" or "LEAF" tasks. At the bottom you'll also see a "Pending tasks" section if you've postponed any tasks or have repeating tasks waiting to be released.

Timeframes Page

The Timeframes Page is where you can get more specific about when you expect to work on something. You can plan tasks that you will get done today, this week, this month or on into the future. Tasks that have been given a timeframe of "today" will show up first on the Focus Page, then "this week" and so forth. The Timeframes Page limits how much you're allowed to add to each timeframe based on your historical productivity and how many days are left in that timeframe, so if you've typically finished about 2 hours of tasks each day, it'll allow you 2 hours for today, and it cuts that in half for future timeframes to allow for things that just pop up, so if there are 4 days left in the week not including today, it would allow you to have 4 hours worth of tasks in "this week".

Sub Tasks

Next to the task title on each page you'll find an edit icon: . This will take you to a page where you can view the task and also add sub-tasks to it. Sub-tasks will show up on the Focus Page until they are postponed or marked complete, at which point the parent task will show up again. These can also be filtered via the "ROOT" and "LEAF" links on the Task List Page.